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Kloud Partner’s Teams Voice/Direct Routing/Operator Connect service is a comprehensive solution that empowers your organization with advanced voice capabilities and seamless integration of Microsoft Teams with your existing telephony infrastructure. By leveraging our expertise in Microsoft 365 and unified communications, we enable your organization to make and receive calls directly from Microsoft Teams, streamlining communication and enhancing productivity.


Unified Communication

Teams Voice integration consolidates communication channels, simplifying collaboration and enhancing productivity.


Direct Routing and Operator Connect eliminate the need for traditional telephony infrastructure, reducing operational costs and hardware investments.

Global Connectivity

With Direct Routing, your organization gains the ability to make and receive calls globally, connecting Teams users worldwide.

Scalability and Flexibility

Teams Voice scales seamlessly to accommodate your organization's growth and adapts to changing communication needs.

Enhanced Collaboration

Combining voice calling with Teams' chat, video conferencing, and file sharing capabilities fosters seamless collaboration and teamwork.

Service Delivery Kloud Partner follows a structured approach to deliver Teams Voice/Direct Routing/Operator Connect services. Our certified professionals work closely with your IT staff to design, configure, and implement the solution based on your unique requirements.

Service Features

Our service seamlessly integrates Microsoft Teams with your organization’s voice communications, transforming Teams into a complete Unified Communications platform. This integration allows your users to initiate and receive voice calls, conduct conferences, and collaborate through chat and video within the familiar Teams interface.

We facilitate Direct Routing, which enables your organization to connect Microsoft Teams with your preferred telephony carrier or service provider. This enables you to make and receive calls to external phone numbers, both nationally and internationally, directly from Microsoft Teams.

With Operator Connect, we further enhance your Teams Voice capabilities by providing access to Microsoft’s certified operator partners. This integration enables direct connectivity to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), ensuring high-quality and reliable voice calling experiences.

Our service includes phone number porting and allocation, allowing you to retain existing phone numbers or obtain new ones for seamless communication across Teams and external phone networks.

Ensuring the safety of your users is of paramount importance. We configure Emergency Calling (E911) within Teams to enable accurate location-based emergency assistance, enhancing emergency response capabilities.

To deliver a superior call experience, we implement Quality of Service (QoS) measures to prioritize voice traffic on your network. This helps minimize call drops, latency, and jitter, ensuring crystal-clear voice calls within Teams.

We understand the significance of user adoption and satisfaction. As part of our service, we provide end-user training to familiarize your staff with Teams Voice features and ensure a smooth transition. Our support team is readily available to address any queries or issues related to the new voice capabilities.

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