Kloud Partners in collaboration with Duthaya Digital Services Appointed Promoters for SLTMobitel ‘s HitFlix.

Kloud Partners (Private) Limited, in collaboration with Duthaya Digital Services (Private) Limited, is thrilled to announce its appointment as promoters for SLTMobitel’s HitFlix, Sri Lanka’s premier streaming channel. This exciting collaboration marks a significant milestone in the world of digital entertainment.


HitFlix is the go-to destination for an immersive entertainment experience, offering viewers access to live channels and an extensive library of Sri Lankan movies, TV shows, anime, and documentaries. Available on multiple platforms, including Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku TV, iOS, and Android apps, HitFlix stands out for its commitment to providing the latest content at highly affordable rates, catering to the needs of avid entertainment enthusiasts.


Kloud Partners is set to play a pivotal role as the official business development partner for HitFlix, with a specific focus on connecting with the Sri Lankan Diaspora and expatriates living abroad. This strategic move is designed to keep these communities connected to their cultural roots by providing easy access to local content and entertainment.


SLTMobitel’s HitFlix has already garnered recognition for its dedication to delivering diverse and high-quality content to viewers. With the support and expertise of Kloud Partners and Duthaya Digital Services, the streaming channel is poised to expand its reach and share Sri Lankan entertainment with a global audience.


Commenting on this exciting partnership, Mr. Thareendra D. Kalpage, Co-Founder and Director of Digital Zyndicate Co., which holds majority stakes in both Kloud Partners and Duthaya Digital Services, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to be appointed as promoters for HitFlix. Our goal is to enhance the platform’s accessibility and offer a seamless experience to our international audience. We believe that HitFlix has the potential to become a global hub for Sri Lankan content, and we are fully committed to turning that vision into a reality.”


The partnership between HitFlix, Kloud Partners, and Duthaya Digital Services represents a significant stride towards strengthening SLTMobitel’s presence in the digital entertainment industry. It aligns perfectly with the broader vision of promoting Sri Lankan culture and entertainment on the international stage.

For more information about HitFlix and its offerings, please visit https://www.slt.lk/en/hitflix

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