Kloud Partners in collaboration with Duthaya Digital Services Appointed Promoters for SLTMobitel’s Easy Storage

Kloud Partners (Private) Limited and Duthaya Digital Services (Private) Limited, both majority-owned and funded by Digital Zyndicate Co., a US-registered Venture Capital Firm, are pleased to announce their appointment as promoters for SLTMobitel’s Easy Storage. This collaboration heralds a new era of digital excellence in Sri Lanka.

Easy Storage is a revolutionary cloud storage, file synchronization, and sharing solution designed with user-friendliness at its core. Offering universal access through mobile apps and a web interface, Easy Storage empowers users to effortlessly manage their files, photos, messages, contacts, and documents, enabling seamless collaboration and sharing.

At the heart of Easy Storage is its modern and user-friendly web interface, complemented by desktop clients and mobile apps. These tools ensure real-time collaboration and instant access from any device, anywhere, making it a versatile solution catering to a wide spectrum of users.

What sets Easy Storage apart is its unwavering commitment to security. Robust on-server and end-to-end encryption measures safeguard user data, and the solution is hosted within SLT’s cutting-edge data centers, ensuring the highest level of data protection and reliability.

“We are thrilled about our appointment as promoters for Easy Storage, a solution that reflects our dedication to delivering cutting-edge digital services,” commented Mr. Thareendra D. Kalpage, Co-founder and Director at Digital Zyndicate Co. “Our collaboration with SLTMobitel will undoubtedly enhance the accessibility and adoption of Easy Storage among individuals and businesses throughout Sri Lanka.”

This partnership signifies a shared vision to revolutionize data management and sharing securely. Easy Storage, backed by Kloud Partners, Duthaya Digital Services, and Digital Zyndicate Co., is set to redefine the digital landscape in Sri Lanka and beyond.

For more information about Easy Storage and its features, please visit https://www.slt.lk/en/storage

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